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Photography has been something I have studied both formally and informally, and has remained a passion of mine for many years as a hobbyist.  I have had a very winding path that has led me to turn this passion into a business, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

About me

I grew up in an idyllic town in Southern Maine and had a pretty typical Maine childhood.  Looking for a change of pace, I studied abroad in France and Senegal, went to college and then taught reading in DC, and then spent a couple of years in Pittsburgh before returning to Maine with my husband to start our family.  We now have a sweet little one of our own who is in front of the camera quite a bit.


Why professional photos?

When my sister and I were very young, my parents had professional photos taken of us, and they hang on the walls in my parents’ home to this day.  Those stunning images have served as a reminder of such a special time in our lives.  It also allowed my mother, usually the one wielding the camera, the opportunity to finally appear in some photos with us!

Hiring a professional photographer takes the burden of documenting special moments off of the parents and even allows them to step in front of the camera with their children.  I’m sure we’ve all seen dozens of childhood albums of children where there’s a family member consistently missing from the photos – because they were busy taking all the pictures!  An afternoon spent with a photographer will result in a treasure trove of pictures of the family spending quality time together.


Why lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography involves photographing families in some of their usual surroundings – at home, in a park, on a playground, wherever the family feels comfortable.  I think the great thing about lifestyle photography is that it allows families the freedom and space to be themselves, to behave naturally and to interact with their environment and their loved ones.  During shoots, I prefer to let children be themselves, without posing them too much for the camera; however, I will give some direction to help us toward the best shots possible.  Ultimately, I feel this results in more interesting images – the kind you’ll want to keep on the wall for decades.

A session or package like the ones I offer is the perfect gift for expectant parents, for grandparents, or for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays or other holidays.  Childhood is so fleeting, and – in addition to our memories, of course – it’s so meaningful to have photographs like these to preserve those beautiful moments along the way.


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