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Big kid!

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I have a confession to make: I still take monthly photographs of my daughter, several months after her first birthday.  Perhaps it’s just because I have a hard time shutting off the inner photographer, but part of it is definitely the fact that it is FINALLY nice enough here in southern Maine to take some of the photos outside!  Of course, it’s also hard to resist the urge to put her in some of her absolute cutest outfits for the pictures.


IMG_2051 IMG_2062

She’s doing so many fun things now – puzzles are some of her latest favorites!

IMG_2070 IMG_2108

…and she’s VERY into flowers all of a sudden:

IMG_2143 IMG_2151

We’re still working on drinking from a cup without spilling everywhere…

IMG_2198 IMG_2202


We’re just loving this stage; she’s so active and such fun!

(Here’s where to find the outfits, if anyone is interested: blue and white dress / green, blue, and white flowered dress / blue and white striped romper )

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